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Talking about the working mechanism of self-actuated differential pressure control valve
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Installation mechanism of self-actuated differential pressure control valve installed in return pipe When the water supply pressure P1 increases or decreases, the signal from the connecting tube into the diaphragm on the cavity, driven by the spool down or up, so that the flow of the valve seat area decreased or increased. P2-P3 also increases or decreases until P1-P2 remains constant. When the return pressure P3 increases or decreases instantly with the valve seat flow to the outlet flow rate decreases or increases, the diaphragm under pressure P2 also increased or decreased at this moment, driven by the spool up or down, until the diaphragm Force to re-balance, P2 to restore the original value, P1-P2 protection of the original value of constant, so as to ensure that the control system for the water supply and output pressure is basically unchanged. This is the self-pressure differential control valve working mechanism, on the self-actuated  differential pressure control valve have any questions, please feel free to contact jktl valve.