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The advantage of dynamic balance electric regulating valve
Dynamic balance electric regulating valve is different from the traditional electric control valve of a new generation of products. It not only has traditional of electric Regulation valve of electric regulation role (that through room temperature control device control electric II pass valve of opened and close to Regulation room temperature), and also has balance of role, that can in system pressure fluctuations Shi always maintained electric Regulation valve opened Shi of flow keep not variable, avoid has as traditional of electric II pass valve in system in part load run State Shi due to pressure fluctuations larger to makes conveying of water flow fluctuations larger, and temperature control errors larger, and room in fits and starts of shortcomings. We although have ball valves.

The principle of dynamic balance electric two-way valve, equivalent of a dynamic equilibrium valve and a series of fan-coil electric control valve, electric regulating valve opens, through dynamic equilibrium constant flow valve to maintain flow through the fan-coil when the system pressure constant flow rate.
Dynamic balance electric regulating valve is the integration of dynamic balance electric regulating products. It uses a new design concept, makes the control valve when the system when pressure fluctuations during the actual work, dynamic balance system of pressure changes. Therefore, the work of dynamic balance electric regulating valve flow characteristic curve is consistent with the desired flow characteristic curve, no deviation. Special of design guarantee has electric valve of regulation only by standard control signal of role, and not by system pressure fluctuations of effect, and, corresponds to electric valve of any a open degrees location, its flow are is only and constant of, for warm pass air conditioning system for, this on means with electric valve in any a regulation location conveying of hot (cold) volume are is stable of. Therefore, the electric valves are especially useful in system load changes in variable flow systems, with strong anti-interference ability, working stability, high accuracy characteristics. Avoids the electric control valve even in the same opening position, due to system pressure fluctuations, its traffic is also changing, electric valve handles hot (cold) unstable, anti-jamming ability, accuracy and low fault. Trunnion ball valve is our main product, we are the best ball valve manufacturers of China and hope to cooperate with you.​
dynamic balance electric regulating valve