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 "The Belt and Road"The meaning of China's economic development

The Belt and Road
"the Belt and Road" will become a new growth point of China's economy, by the Central Asian countries welcome and agree
China after 30 years of reform and opening up, has made remarkable achievements. Summed up the experience of China's reform and opening up, basically experienced the following stages: First, through the development of special economic zones, first, breaking the concept of imprisonment. Second, through the coastal 14 cities open to the outside world, expanding the open areas, forming an open pull economic growth pattern. Third, extending to the Yangtze River along the opening, forming a nationwide open situation. This hierarchical level of the opening rhythm has achieved a wealth of experience and the actual effect of economic development. Its basic driving force is the first open joint venture, after the expansion of exports, through internal deepening reform to stimulate the growth of vitality.expanding the development of export-oriented economy space, the result is the industrialization of urbanization and rapid
development of domestic demand outside the demand together to form a 30 years of China's economic growth situation. Today, the international and domestic situation has undergone profound changes, in the past to absorb the experience of reform and opening up on the basis of the need for us to adjust the development of ideas, with a new concept to promote a new round of opening up.

At present, China's internal reform and opening up are facing new breakthroughs. On the one hand, after the financial crisis, Europe and the United States market demand is significantly weakened, China's export-oriented export-oriented economic development has been a certain constraint. On the other hand, with the rapid development of China's economy, structural contradictions and a new round of overcapacity has formed a new pressure, while Europe and the UnitedStates and other developed countries on the rise of China to heart, and constantly through the trade structure Adjustment and the remodeling of rules, trying to limit the development of China in many ways. In order to adapt to the new changes in the new pattern of international economy, President Xi Jinping proposed "the Belt and Road" strategic concept, not only clear the new path of opening up, and will become a new growth point of China's economy. Its meaning
can be summarized as the following aspects:

1, consolidate China's cooperation with Central Asia and Southeast Asia. The core idea of the Silk Road economic zone is to strengthen economic and trade cooperation with Central Asian and Southeast Asian countries. China has a common development experience in the history of Central and Southeast Asian countries. China's new round of reform and opening up measures is conducive to the construction of "all the way along the" Silk Road to open a new growth point of opening up, so the key is to deal with China and Central Asia and Southeast Asian countries, to play a good organization and China ASEAN Free Trade Area in promoting bilateral cooperation in the positive role, strengthen the interconnection, complement each other, common development and common benefit, to create good with the western neighbors and Southeast Asian neighbors friendly relations and cooperation.

2, the gradual formation of two radiation effects. The Silk Road Economic Belt and the Silk Road Economic Zone are based on China's cooperation with neighboring countries and can gradually form a transportation network connecting Eastern Europe, West Asia and Southeast Asia to facilitate the economic development and personnel exchanges of the relevant countries. The economic belt can not only consolidate and develop China's economic and trade relations with Southeast Asia, but also can gradually radiation to South Asia and Africa and other regions, to expand China's influence. The initiative to build a silk economy is well received and endorsed by the Central Asian countries,which has a good foundation for accelerating the construction of the Silk Road economic zone under the framework of the existing SCO. At the same time, the revitalization of the Silk Road economic belt is bound to form a radiation effect on Arab and Eastern European countries, and the result is conducive to the formation of new Eurasian business corridors and economic development zones. For China, can drive inland along the west to the west, the equivalent of expanding the development of the western space, is conducive to enhancing China's influence, can be described as multiple purposes.

3, drive the central and western regions to speed up reform and opening up. China's reform and opening up the practice shows that open to where the economy is to enter the active stage of development. The development of the western region and the rise of the central region were formed after 2000, which was relatively late compared with the eastern coastal areas. The Third Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to promote the opening of the requirements of the inland side, targeted to put forward a new important content, as long as accelerated and implemented, will further activate the inland and border areas of economic development vitality,combined with China's peripheral diplomacy The development of the focus, through the opening to achieve institutional and institutional innovation, and comprehensively enhance the inland and along the open economy level. The construction of the "Silk Road Economic Zone" can be the main engine for expanding the opening of the Midwest and creating the economic upgrading of the Midwest.

4, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the eastern region and foreign investment. The eastern region after 30 years of the first open to the outside world, has formed a trade-driven export-oriented growth model. Atpresent, enterprises are facing a new stage of accelerating the development of economic structure and overseas investment, and it is very important to speed up the interconnection with Southeast Asia and accelerate the upgrading ofenterprise product structure. The eastern provinces should seek cooperation with the Southeast Asian countries, the new fulcrum, increase economic and trade cooperation efforts to point to the surface, the formation of a new situation of linkage development.

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