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The Calculation Method of Opening Degree of Self actuated Flow Control Valve

self atuated flow control valve
Jktl valve production of self actuated flow control valve, are after more than 10 process inspection processing test, and packaging can play, in order to allow more customers to understand the self-flow control valve, as follows, is specially designed jktl valve self-type Flow control valve opening calculation method, hope that some want to purchase self-operated flow control valve engineers and organizers, a more appropriate understanding of self-flow control valve operation mode, you can more accurately calculate and filter the valve diameter And design flow range.

The self actuated flow control valve does not require external power, but uses the flow characteristic of the fluid to run and work. When the upstream or downstream resistance changes within a certain range, the self actuated flow control valve keeps the flow of the pipe section change. Self-operated flow control valve construction principle shown in Figure 1. The upper end of the spool is connected with the diaphragm, and the lower end of the spool is connected with a tension spring. The upper space of the diaphragm is in fluid communication with the downstream fluid, and the lower space of the diaphragm is in fluid communication with the upstream. (P1-p2) A1; the downward thrust of the spool (p1-p2), the thrust of the spool.
A2; spring downward force F, by adjusting the spring at the bottom of the knob to adjust the size of the initial spring F to determine the valve to control the flow. Where p1 is the upstream fluid pressure, p2 is the downstream fluid pressure, A1 is the inner cross-sectional area of the diaphragm tube, A2 is the cross-sectional area of  the spool at the height of the valve seat, and the magnitude is proportional to the height of the spool The opening area A2 in Fig. 2a is smaller than the cross-sectional area A2 of Fig. 2b, as shown in Fig. 2a.

When the valve core by the three forces to meet (p1-p2) A1- (p1-p2) A2-F = 0 to reach equilibrium, the valve opening to determine. When the spring is adjusted so that the flow through the valve reaches the desired value, the spring is locked. (P1-p2) is reduced, so that (p1-p2) A1 is pushed upwards so that the spool is moved down or the valve is opened, and the p2 is increased (P1-p2) A2 decreases; the spool down and then will reduce the downward force of the spring F, so that the role of self actuated flow control valve spool up and down The side of the force are reduced, the spool in the new position and balance, so that the valve reached a new opening. As the spool down, the valve is large, the flow must increase, so that the downstream resistance increase caused by the decline in traffic compensation, leaving the flow of the branch basically the same. Other circumstances can also be inferred.Therefore, self-flow control The valve can adjust the opening degree by the change of the pressure in the pipeline, so that the flow rate is basically the same.

This is the characteristics of self-flow control valve, hoping for the purchaser and the designer to provide some of the information you want, jktl valve adhering to the professional production, precision matching, to ensure that the concept of service for the district heating, secondary network transformation to make More contribution.
Self-operated flow control valve construction principle shown
opening area