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The correct choice of the flow control valve is the key to the realization of the heating system flow balance valve
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Since the reform and opening up, in the heating industry, the application of imported or domestic imitation, self flow control valve, the heating system of hydraulic balance, has become a consensus, in order to improve the management level of operation, improve the heating effect, Important role. But in the actual project, there have been some results are not ideal cases. Blame the reason, in addition to product quality is not qualified, the system poor water quality and other factors, there is an important reason is the improper selection of  self flow control valve. And for the latter reason, so far in the country, from the design department, the manufacturer to the management of operating units, have not attracted enough attention. And Hebei with the control valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adhering to the "excellence, the pursuit of excellence, quality first, customer first" business philosophy. Since its establishment has been more than 20 years, products sold at home and abroad, we can see the integrity of our business and product quality is guaranteed.

Adjustment characteristics of the regulating valve
1. The ideal adjustment characteristics of the control valve
Adjust the valve of the ideal adjustment characteristics, refers to the valve before and after the pressure difference is fixed, the relative flow of the valve and the relative opening degree of the relationship between the performance characteristics of this good response to a variety of valves inherent adjustment function, therefore, The ideal adjustment characteristics to regulate the valve adjustment function is good or bad. The ideal adjustment characteristics of the valve are also known as the inherent adjustment characteristics of the valve.
According to the ideal adjustment characteristics, the valve can be divided into three types: 1 linear characteristics. 2 and other percentage characteristics. 3 quick opening feature. A valve with a linear characteristic is characterized by a percentage increase in flow rate and a percentage increase in valve opening. When the valve opening is raised from 50% to 60%, the flow rate increases from 50% to 60% The adjustment characteristic is that the amount of change in the flow rate is small at the small opening degree, and the change amount of the flow rate is small at the opening degree.

2. Work adjustment characteristics
Study the ideal adjustment characteristics of the valve is to determine whether the valve has a flow regulation function. Therefore, the manufacturer of the control valve, must be calibrated on the test bench, the ideal adjustment characteristics of the calibration curve, and if the product samples, to be displayed for designers and operators to choose.
But the ideal adjustment characteristics, the reaction is the inherent adjustment function of the valve, is the pressure in the valve before and after the fixed test results. In a sense, the study of the adjustment characteristics of the valve, to guide the engineering practice, more practical significance.