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UK vote to leave and the great impacts on China valve enterprise  
general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, has been speaking on the Today programme in defence of Jeremy Corbyn.
He thinks Corbyn will win today’s confidence vote and accuses the Labour leader’s opponents of a “well-planned, orchestrated coup” – and says the wider Labourmembership won’t thank them for “playing silly games”.
And he dismissed claims by some of those resigning from the front bench – including Andy Slaughter, who has gone this morning – that they had done so aftergetting the backing of local party members.
Sky News says it believes Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, will throw his hat into the ring to be the next Tory leader (and prime minister).It wouldn’t be a huge surprise, given his column today in the Telegraph, in which he plots in some detail how he believes Britain ought to negotiate its newrelationship with the EU (it’s “Norway-plus”, in a nutshell). The final paragraph certainly sounds like a declaration of sorts:
The Conservative modernisation project succeeded in reassuring many younger and more liberal voters – but will not be complete until we are also connectingwith many who are struggling to make ends meet at the more brutal end of modern capitalist economies.
We need to unite the party after a bruising battle on the referendum – but we must remain resolved to unite the country as well. This is a time to remember ourheritage as the party of one nation Benjamin Disraeli as much as the free-trading Robert Peel – and tap into their remarkable vision and optimism for thefuture.
At the same time, the British withdrawal from the European Union, will inevitably have an impact on china. If the UK decided to withdraw from the EuropeanUnion, London, as one of the world's top financial centers or the status of the challenge, the internationalization of the RMB and the Chinese capital to go outhow much will have some impact. In addition, the development of China's relations with the United Kingdom has always been to take into account the
relationship between the EU and the EU has always been taken into account through the development of Sino British relations can bring about what kind ofpromotion and promote the role of China EU relations. Will not have a great impact on our company's exporting products ball valves, trunnion ball valve, ballvalve manufacturers and globe valve? We will wait and see.