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Valve connection

Valve end connection structure and size is very important for the installation of the valve.if selected improperly, may cause the installation process size or connection structure does not match, resulting in can not be installed. The connection form of the valve end face is usually divided into three types; the welding end is connected, the threaded end is connected and the flange end is connected. Wherein the flange ends are connected in the most common form.
1.The flange connection structure
It is by means of flanges, gaskets, bolts to achieve the connection, the flange connected to the valve, installation and removal are very convenient. It applies a wide range of nominal diameters and pressures. And the valve connected to the flange, can be divided into flat welding flange, butt welding flange, socket welding flange, integrated flange, etc .; according to the sealing surface can be divided into full plane flange, convex surface flange, Flange, Flange and Flange Flange.
2.The thread connection
Used in DN ≤ 40 in the pipeline.Threaded pipe fittings should be tapered thread.The use of threaded connection valves shall not be used for highly toxic media management.Threaded connection valves are not recommended for medium temperatures above 200 ° C and below -45 ° C.Threaded connection valves are not recommended for use in areas where stress corrosion, clearance corrosion, or variable loads may occur due to vibration, pressure pulsation and temperature changes.

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