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Warmly welcome Russian customers to visit our company today guidance
March 30, 2017, from the Russian customers after a long period of early communication, in the Shijiazhuang International Department of Liujing Li under the leadership of thousands of miles to my company to visit the field, Liu and the company's technical staff of their enthusiasm Reception.

Liu Jingli to the Russian customers introduced the company's growth process, the daily operation and management of the basic situation, so that customers of Hebei Tongli company has a further understanding.

Liu Jingli also for the heating valve - all the welding ball valve operation and management, use, heating operation, gold with the brand brand ball valve and other brands of the difference and unique, a detailed technical explanation, then Liu The manager and the client watched the video analysis of the all-welded ball valve.

Russian customers in Liujing Li and the company's technical staff, accompanied by Hebei Tongli company's production site to visit. Liu Jingli and technical staff to the customer has introduced my company's production capacity, equipment level, quality management system, the customer seriously asked the Secretary for the current technology and production of the status quo, and carried out technical exchanges.

Through this visit, the customer has fully affirmed the mature technology of our company, especially on our advanced production equipment and technical technology to give a consistent technical recognition, said after returning home as soon as possible to deepen cooperation matters.

After the exchange, the Russian customers spoke highly of the production and management level of Hebei Tongli Company, and hoped that the two sides could further understand and expand the exchange and learn from each other's management experience, and constantly explore ideas and Vision.
The meeting for the two sides to further deepen cooperation to lay a solid foundation!