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Why secondary network transformation system to use self-pressure differential control valve
jktl self-pressure differential control valve
In view of the secondary network water conservancy system transformation, jktl company has launched a self-pressure differential control valve, in the secondary network hydraulic system transformation is divided into two forms: manual adjustment and self-regulation device.
The traditional way is generally through the user at the entrance to manually adjust the valve manually adjust the user flow, this way the cost is relatively low, but the adjustment workload is huge,as the manual valve only for static hydraulic conditions, the process of regulating the valve interaction, the system's hydraulic conditions also change, the need for repeated adjustment.

For the larger pipe network, it is almost impossible to achieve the ideal hydraulic balance. At the same time this approach is not conducive to the expansion and alteration of the system.

Another way is to install the user's entrance to the self-pressure differential control valve, due to self-pressure control valve self-operated principle,without too much manual adjustment, once set to ensure that users do not subject to secondary network The impact of hydraulic changes, which can make the actual consumption of superheated users to fall within a reasonable range and maintain a constant, but also a reasonable allocation of the system flow to solve the system of hydraulic imbalance and hot and cold uneven problem. But relative to the artificial adjustment, this transformation requires more initial investment.

But for the long-term effect, the use of self-pressure differential control valve, should be the most affordable, save a lot of manpower cumbersome adjustment, but also stabilize the system balance, reducing energy consumption. So the use of this valve in the secondary network regulation is essential.