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- Iron strainers are complete with Flat Face flange in accordance with ASME B16.1.
- Strainer body meets applicable ASME Standard.
- One piece cast body.
- Strainer is equipped with bolted cover flange that utilize a flat gasket seal.
- Low pressure drop.
- Upper and lower machined seats.
- 304 SS perforated screens are standard.
- Drain/blow-off connection furnished with plug as standard.
- Generous screen area and properly proportioned straining chamber to minimize initial pressure drop while maximizing time between cleanings.
- Compact end to end dimension.
Y-Strainer information
Y-Strainer information


If the basket strainer is being used for protection rather than filtration, the strainer will suffice in most applications.


With services that require extremely sturdy screens, such as high pressure/temperature applications and services with high viscosity, we recommends that perforated screens without mesh liners be used. If mesh is required to obtain a certain level of filtration, then we recommends a trapped perf./mesh /perf. Combination.
screen types/dimensions

Filtration Level:

When choosing a perf. Or a mesh/perf. Combination attention should be given to ensure overstraining doer not occur. As a general rule the specified level of filtration should be no smaller than half the size of the particle to be removed. If too fine a filtration is specified the pressure drop through the strainer will increase very rapidly, possibly causing damage to the basket.